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Via Georgia Equality

"I will take personal responsibility for upholding the ABOE charter, which has set anti-bullying policies that include sexual harassment. I will work to assure funding for current and future Social Emotional Learning programs that cover LGBT issues awareness training for both students and teachers and advocate for expanded mental health funding in our schools. Though APS teachers and employees are covered by City and APS anti-discrimination policies, state laws contradict those policies, leaving them open to discrimination. As an ABOE member, I will make sure that employee labor dispute cases set before me are not discriminatory in any manner."​

- Paula Kupersmith

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality just announced Paula Kupersmith as the District 2 endorsed candidate in the upcoming Special Elections being held on September 17, 2019.

From Georgia Equality:

"In a period in which many people seeking elected office are supportive of the LGBT community, the Georgia Equality Board of Directors will issue an endorsement for a candidate whom we feel is best placed to advance our policy agenda.  The lack of an endorsement should not necessarily be viewed as a negative reflection of a particular candidate’s views on LGBT issues in general."


Via Educators First

The PAC Committee of Educators First is pleased to announce their endorsement of
Paula Kupersmith for Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education for District 2 in the
upcoming Special Elections being held on September 17, 2019.
Educators First is a new breed of professional association for outstanding educators in
Georgia. We support our strongly pro-educator agenda with a separate and voluntary bi-
partisan Political Action Committee (PAC), whose leadership is composed primarily of
practicing classroom teachers. This bi-partisan PAC only endorses candidates on the
state and local level.
Out of the nine candidates running for Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education in
District 2, the committee selected Paula Kupersmith for her firm grasp of the workplace
issues that teachers sometimes face. Her understanding of the workplace, and that
many teachers are single working mothers who need support and representation at
difficult times, showed real empathy for our educators. Paula also understands
statewide legislative issues that impact every teacher in the workplace, including pay
and fair treatment. She is a partner Educators First can trust to pick up the phone and
hear our concerns.

The PAC Committee of Educators First is glad
to stand beside Paula Kupersmith and wish her
success in this race.

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